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PV&E is a firm of consulting town planners offering a wide range of town planning services to the private sector.

In addition to our town planning services, we assist clients in identifying suitable land for development. We concentrate our work in the Greater Johannesburg municipal area.



Town Planning Rezoning and Township Establishment

Any landowner wishing to change the current land use of his/her property needs to go through a legal process which may be a Township Establishment (converting farm land to urban land) or a Rezoning (changing land uses in an existing urban areas). In both cases, we will prepare and submit a motivated application to the relevant Municipality in terms of the relevant legislation. The application must be advertised for possible objections and the various Municipal departments must provide their comments. After any objections and departmental comments have been received, the Municipal Town Planning Department writes the report for final decision.

Town Planning Arbitration Process

Should objections be received, the arbitration process is set in motion. A Tribunal date is set by the Municipality to hear the objections. We will prepare our case to oppose the objections at the Tribunal Hearing. We also lodge objections on behalf of our clients against other applications. In those cases, we prepare our client’s case against an application to argue that the Tribunal should rule in our client’s favour.

Other Town Planning applications and services

We also handle subdivisions, consolidations, removal of restrictions (from title deeds) and Consent Use applications. We assist attorneys with acquiring property registration documentation (formerly called “Regulation 38” Certificates). We also undertake “due diligence” investigations for properties that our clients are thinking of buying.

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Who are we?

PV&E Town Planners (then known as “Reg Pheiffer and Partners”) was formed on 1 January 1980 by Reg Pheiffer, after he had been working in both the public and private sectors for 10 years, having qualified at Wits University with a BSc(TRP) in 1976.  The company’s name changed several times over the years, reflecting the changes in the partnership, until “PV&E Town Planners” was formed on 1 August 1998.

Stephanie Geyser

Stephanie Geyser received both her BSc (TRP) and BA (Geography) bachelor’s degrees at University of the Witwatersrand in the 1980s.

Stephanie has worked on a wide range of Town Planning projects during her professional Town Planning career, initially preparing a large number of monochrome Town Planning Schemes for various municipalities in the former Transvaal. In 1988, she joined PV&E Town Planners (known as “PMI” in those days), and moved on to the preparation of various town planning applications (such as townships, rezoning’s, removal of title conditions, subdivisions, consolidations, etc), as well as undertaking due diligence investigations for land purchases. She also assisted Reg Pheiffer with the preparation of much larger and complex applications (such as Melrose Arch, Carnival City, Founders Hill and Founders View) as well as assisting in the preparation of Structure and Development Plans (such as for North Riding), and handling arbitration at Tribunal Hearings for private clients/individual landowners, Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Associations and oil companies.

In 2021, Stephanie took over running PV&E Town Planners, after Reg Pheiffer passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly.